Our Current Services

Finding the New Normal
From the day you are diagnosed with cancer You Are a Cancer Survivor. It is important that you are armed with the tools to take charge of your health. Cancer Care of WNC is committed to supporting you as you move forward.

  • Survivor Education- Pre and Post treatment.
  • Topic specific visits – Covering areas that affect your quality of life and cancer risk factors.
  • Survivor Clinic- Yearly follow-up exam for select cancer diagnosis that includes ongoing Survivorship education.
  • Survivor Clinic –Five year follow-up. We continue yearly physical exam for disease recurrence but the focus shifts toward disease prevention, health promotion, and monitoring for late effects

Survivor Education
In accordance with national recommendations all individuals at Cancer Care of WNC undergoing chemotherapy/biotherapy see a Nurse Practitioner for:

  • Pre treatment education on therapy side effects and management
  • Post treatment care planning that includes a summary of treatment, disease surveillance, side effects, late effects, health promotion, and prevention education.

Topic Specific Visits
(Appointment by MD/NP/PA/Nursing Referral) Consideration is given to self-referral.

  • Tobacco cessation: Assessing readiness to quit
  • Healthy weight and nutrition for Cancer Survivors
  • Symptom management: Side effects/late effects

The Survivor Clinic Pediatric Transition Clinic- Yearly follow-up of adults who had cancer during childhood with focus on disease surveillance and late effect monitoring.

(Appointment by MD/NP/PA/Nursing Referral)

The Survivor Clinic– At Year Five any patient may opt to transition to the clinic. For many individuals choosing to transition to the Survivor Clinic for their oncology follow-up care is another positive step forward.

(Appointment by self referral accepted)